We empower parents to homeschool, world school, and unschool by providing resources and events in Los Angeles.

Assisting parents on their homeschool journey is beneficial to new and veteran members of the homeschooling community. 

Since beginning our Homeschool journey in 2018, we have noticed that the challenges that we have faced is common amongst all parents, no matter what schooling module you have chosen for your family. It is our goal to combine our wealth of cross-industry experience as leaders and change-makers in our fields with our shared commitment to education to prepare parents and their children for success in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based activities. 


The Homeschool Bunch is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit (92-3510891). We are dedicated to nurturing community involvement, connectivity, and empowerment within Los Angeles and neighboring counties, providing enriching opportunities for homeschooling, after-school activities, and summer programs. Our programs supports and better prepares children and their families to be more skilled, confident, and qualified in all topics related to STEAM. The Homeschool Bunch has been specifically designed to provide emerging technology and programming through local resources, state of the art tools, mentoring, coaching, and networking events for parents to help them on their homeschool journey.

Our Vision.

Empowering our children to dream and succeed in all areas of STEAM and to provide parents with the resources and innovative experiences that will make their homeschool journey one to remember.

Our Purpose.

The Homeschool Bunch is committed to enhancing the homeschool communities potential and ability to succeed in STEAM through world-class development experiences. 

I homeschool my children not to prepare them for exams, but to prepare them for life.

- Tamara L Chilver

For all inquisitive children.

We advance children’s development by providing innovative programs and connections to organizations that are invested in providing quality STEAM programming to the homeschooling community. We believe our approach and resources will provide better access for homeschoolers and stronger connections to the Los Angeles communities that we serve.


The Homeschool Bunch has made a conscious choice to make our resources accessible for all participants by accepting charter funding and also offer our Parent Guide program as a low cost solution so that we can ensure a quality education for all. 

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