What is the Homeschool Bunch?

Empowering Learning Adventures at Homeschool Bunch: Uncover a World of Learning with our Diverse Programs!

From enriching courses to our comprehensive Parent Guide program, we're your partners in education. Embark on a journey that nurtures curiosity, growth, and connection.

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🏫 Our Primary Locations:

Torrance Civic Center 📍

3330 Civic Center Dr,

Torrance, CA 90503

Culver City Veterans Memorial Center📍

4117 Overland Ave,

Culver City, CA 90230

🌟 Join us at our main hub for exciting activities!

🚀 Plus, watch out for us at select partner locations:

Stoneview Nature Center 🌿

5950 Stoneview Dr,

Culver City, CA 90232

LA Galaxy Soccer Center
540 Maple Ave, Torrance, CA 90503

Stay tuned for a dynamic schedule that spans multiple locations! 🗓️

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions we receive, and we hope the following information addresses your queries. We offer a variety of classes and collaborate with specialty vendors, available at an additional cost, to provide enrichment services for youth aged 4-13. Our services are structured in 8-week sessions, and payment or purchase orders must be submitted before the session commences.

Entrepreneurship - The Homeschool Bunch

Do you have Drop In Rates?

Starting from March 18th, we have discontinued our Drop-In Rate sessions. We provide package options for 4-8 week sessions on Tuesdays at Stoneview Nature Center, and 8-week sessions for our Drop-off Locations in Torrance and Culver City. Payment plans are available for sessions attended two days or more per week. For further details, please reach out to community@thehomeschoolbunch.com.

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Cooking Basics | The Medley - The Homeschool Bunch

Do you have a schedule for classes?

We offer a diverse array of classes sourced from our program brochure, which we refresh every two weeks. Our sample schedule provides a glimpse into a typical day at the Bunch. Additionally, we collaborate with specialty vendors, available for an extra cost, to provide tailored enrichment services for children aged 4-13.

Our program goes beyond the classroom setting; we prioritize the social and emotional well-being of the child as a whole. With a focus on small student-to-teacher ratios, we ensure flexibility for days when kids need a break or wish to explore new activities.

If you're seeking a program with a fixed schedule or specific activities, such as Cooking every Monday at 1pm, our program may not meet your requirements. We encourage students to enroll in either a Half Day Session or Full Day session, as we do not offer drop-off sessions lasting 1-2 hours.

Do you offer a Free Trial Day?

We host an information session + Family Fun Night for both New and Current Families before the commencement of each new session. We highly recommend RSVPing for the info sessions, allowing you to meet our teachers, tour our facilities, and complete registration. During session times, our primary focus is on the children, and therefore, we do not conduct tours. Take advantage of our trial special priced at $150 per child for 3 days, usable at any location of your preference. Please note that session pricing will not be prorated for trial days.