What are Parent Guides?

Parent Guides are parents and grandparents that advocate for the homeschool, worldschool, and unschooling community.

Parent Guides are a cross between Ms. Frizzle, Bill Nye, with a hint of Carla Hall, and still have the teen spirit of Nirvana.

Parent Guides are adventurous, upbeat, and most importantly resourceful.

Parent Guides are the first ones in, last ones out for any Homeschool Bunch events.

Parent Guides are the fun chaperones and may wear a costume if it aligns with the theme or just because!

Parent Guides think outside the box and know that there was never a box to begin with!

Parent Guides receive discounted or free registration for events and workshops.


“As I always say, make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes! It’s the best way to learn something.”

– Miss Frizzle, The Magic School Bus + Best Guide in the World

Parent Guide Duties

It takes a lot to be a parent, run a household, uber driver, chef, teacher, made, referee....well you get the point!

Our Parent Guides are the glue that holds our program together. We offer the parent guide program to help the parents that want to save money on enrichment programs, or attend that once in a lifetime field trip experience.

Parent Guides perform the following tasks:

Administrative: Social Media, Emails, etc

Events: Decorations, Meetups, Event Hosts

Enrichment Center: Monitor classes, coordinate carpools, Field Trips: Chaperones and Pickup/Drop off Duty

Workshops: Plan or assist with workshop development

and more!

Ready to Apply?

We appreciate your interest in joining the Parent Guide program at The Homeschool Bunch. Please click the button below to fill out the application.


Must Complete + Pass Live Scan - Cost $75

Clean Driving Record

At least 1 child registered at The HSB Center

Submit application and video submission

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