We are located on the Beehive Campus in Los Angeles.

Our Address

961 E 61st Los Angeles, CA 90001

If coming from Central, You will look for the Extra Space Storage Center on the Corner of Central and 61st Street. Look for the grey and yellow Sola Beehive flags | LOT B. Please check in with security and you will be directed to parking. You may only enter via the 61st street entrance.

Our classes are segmented by the following ages:

Ages: 8-10, 11-13, and 14-18

Cooking classes are mixed ages | Esports is designated for ages 13+

Our goal is to ensure that your children have an optimal learning experience. Please be sure to fill out the registration form in its entirety. At this time we can only make exceptions for Almost 8 year olds who are seeking to join the Homeschool Bunch Center. We know that this is a bummer but please note that we will have additional events and activities in the future for your child's age.

Package 1 :
One session per week ( 2 classes per day) x 8 weeks
$ 520
Package 2:
One session per week ( 3 classes per day) x 8 weeks
Package 3:
Four sessions per week ( 2 classes per day) x 8 weeks
$ 930
Package 4:
Six sessions per week (3 classes per day) x 8 weeks
$ 1200

How to register for the Homeschool Bunch
Select your classes and preferred days in the Registration Application.
Once you have completed the application, please submit the Homeschool Bunch Registration Forms
Note: We can not guarantee that your spot will be held if you are waiting for a charter approval. You are welcome to take advantage of our session bundle packages until your charter is approved.

We would like all participants to get the most out of the program. If you believe that your young learner may not be ready for the program or able to focus on the curriculum that will be taught, we ask that you consider registering for the program at a later date.

We want to ensure that all participants have an optimal experience. Also, parents, unless you are an approved Parent Guide, you will not be able to attend or shadow the class unless you are assisting with the program, livescanned, or your young learner has a medical need. All parents who are in the classrooms as a guide or assisting their child must be livescanned and we must have that document on file prior to your entry to the class.

Note: This is for the safety and wellbeing of our community. Thank you for understanding.

The program location is 961 E 61st Los Angeles, CA. You may drop off your child at 9am and you must pick them up no later than 1:15pm. You will incur a $15 charge after 1:20pm.

As we mentioned during orientation, we want this program to be a collective effort with our homeschool families. If you are interested in becoming a parent guide, please apply today. This program is only available to registered HSB families. Learn more about the Parent Guide Program HERE.

We do understand that you may be traveling a distance and would like for your child to enjoy our space.
If you need transportation, please fill out the transportation grant HERE. 
Once we have 15+ learners from your area signed up, you will be alerted about the status of your grant.
Be sure to share the program with your fellow homeschoolers and charters in efforts to boost awareness about our free transporation program.

We offer the following discounts for attendees within the same family for our 8 week sessions

2 Kids- 20% off for 8 weeks | USE CODE: THB2K20

3 Kids- 25% off for 8 weeks | USE CODE: THB3K25

4+ kids- 30% off for 8 weeks | THB2K20: THB2K20
Discount ends Feb. 11th
Please email if you have any questions.

Note: As of Feb. 4th we are official vendors of The Blueridge Academy, Granite Mountain, and Epic. You must request "The Homeschool Bunch" directly via your Charter in order to use your funds. You will need to pay the weekly fee until your charter is approved.

For updates please visit the "Charter Funds" page to apply for the charter waitlist. If your charter is approved, please complete the application packet and email so that we can send a request to your charter. You will not be approved to attend the program until we receive confirmation from your charter.

For approved charter families, please fill out the application form.

If your charter has NOT been approved, you will need to reach out to your charter.

Fill out the Charter Waitlist form to ensure your spot on the waitlist until your charter is approved.

If you have any additional questions, please email